One single e-charging network
across all of Europe

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Real-time transactions and settlement without middlemen through blockchain smart contracts.

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Disruption made in Europe

Access and payment without contracts or roaming through blockchain wallets with Euro-tokens.


Easy and cost-efficient asset integration and operation based on interopeable, decentralized blockchain network.


The decentral mobility network based on blockchain technology offers clear benefits for e-drivers and CPOs

Share&Charge is a network for all types of charging stations. We bring relevant companies and organizations to the same table to to speed up the expansion and accessibility of charging infrastructure in Europe. For this purpose we have developed the Share&Charge App, which enables emobilists to share charging stations and which makes billing for energy transaction possible. With Share&Charge both owners of charging stations and drivers of electric vehicles have an active share in the creation of the future of emobility.

Oslo2Rome is a program of Share&Charge.

Be part of the revolution enabling e-drivers to seamlessly
charge across borders - with blockchain technology


We connect public and private e-charging infrastructure across Europe on a ‘Decentral Mobility Network’ to enable direct, cross-country e-charging as the basis for future mobility.

With Share&Charge we have already created the world's first mobility service on blockchain. Now you can be part of the revolution - just connect your charging poles to our open network.

  • Get access to emerging technologies and be first to learn
  • Test blockchain on your charging infrastructure
  • Enable your customers with new innovative charging infrastructure
  • Become a part of the first European blockchain charging community

Set a footprint towards a green and limitless future of e-mobility.

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Be part of the "Pan-European charging tour" in October 2017

To showcase that e-mobility is already reality across Europe, 10 selected e-drivers will start in October on a Pan-European tour. During the tour the drivers will report live about their electric travel experience throughout Europe powered by the Oslo2Rome project. The tour will also have Europe wide media coverage through social media channels and press article.

Be part of the Pan-European e-mobility story told by early adopters and position your company as a leading innovator in e-mobility and problem solver with our Blockchain solution.

Join our growing community for the future of e-charging